To People’s Republic of China government:

4 06 2009


As a free citizen of the world, I’m also Chinese if I want. As such, I would like to bring to your attention that you haven’t put this blog for maintenance, neither my hotmail, facebook or twitter accounts. Are you sure you rely on my free words? It’s the 04 june 2009! Still sure? It’s 20 years… already… and still!…

20 years are gone, 20 years and you’re still holding on to your authoritarian/socialist system, whatever you rather be described as. Everything but democratic! Everything but a system where people can have a saying…

20 years of analysis of solid democratic systems and you still haven’t learnt… Democracy is not a big monster that will take over your chosen/powerful ones, just have a look around the west, corruption is still there, people do have a saying, but it’s mainly a “fake” feeling of power of word. And still, they are happy as bees and keep on with their lives!

20 years and you haven’t realized that you could still manipulate people’s lives at your free will giving them a sense of freedom under the “democratic” veil.

20 years and you haven’t noticed that globalization is here, not just for your free markets (that are not that free for you, consider democracy and that may change as well!) but also for chinese people’s minds! Everyone has now access to all sorts of thinking, of actions, of postures (political, social, fashion, cultural) so it’s better to just let people believe that they are free to choose and you’ll control crowds much better! Just look to the west once again!

20 years and you still restrain to give an official list of those that were killed. How many, how old?

20 years and you haven’t learnt a thing.

Not even to properly “maintain” all potentially dangerous minds…






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