Did I ever mentioned I have the best sis in the world?

17 07 2009

Last night she called me while my favourite music of my favourite band was playing on a concert I wish I had been, by the sea, in Mares Vivas festival…

And even over the phone, even milles and milles away (Portugal-England), Lamb’s magic was incredible… Tears came to my eyes at the first Lou’s vocals and the energy as the music moved on easily flew through this tech world. Culminating on the vibes from Andy’s drums making me dance away on my silent living room.

Beautiful ending with Lou’s perfect “Obrigado” after the song…

Got the chill I always had in their concerts, the chill I forgot I could feel trough music and I’ve “refound” in their Brighton concert, last May, here. The chill that makes me smile like I don’t do for a while…

And for that, my beautiful maninha, I love you even more! 🙂





One response

17 07 2009

Os irmãos são sempre os melhores do mundo! Eu acho o mesmo do meu!!!

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