I love Science!

5 11 2009

In the darkness of this limbo, from where my future looks just a smear uncertainty, a shy light shines everytime I stop to think about possible research ventures… And the more I read, the more I think, rays of light start breaking through the darkness, throwing my heart into a frenetic race.

One project proposal to make and so many exciting oportunities! This limbo it’s becoming a dreamland where everything seems possible and only the evil lab fairy seems to be the limit.

In the meantime, I dream. And dreaming, a project (two, actually) start gaining shape. But most important than the shape, they already have my enthusiasm and my childish hope that “this is it!”. Will they allow my Eureka moment to come? Please, please, please, let me have thumbs up and money for it… 😉

PS: I really do LOVE SCIENCE!




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