Verdade ou mentira?

17 04 2009

“The intensity of your desires deepens as clarity replaces anxiety. If your plans have been up in the air because you weren’t able to make up your mind, now the mists clear and you gain the ability to see where you are going. Making a decision about your long-term goals is a smart idea today because you are able to keep your feet on the ground while also scheming and dreaming about your future.”

By Rick Levine                                                            Friday, April 17, 2009

hmmmm… Sera que e’ hoje que decido qualquer coisa sobre algum postdoc??? Por acaso ontem tive a ler um paper interessantissimo! Oh, mas eu nao acredito  em astrologias. Mesmo estando este reading perfeito; verdade, verdadinha que ainda nao me mexi por nao saber muito bem o que quero… hmmmm…

hmmmm… Is it today that I’ll make a decision about a postdoc??? Curiously, I read the most exciting paper last night… But, hey, I really don’t believe in this prediction-crap. Even when this reading is spot on; true that I haven’t made any move yet just because I’m not entirely sure what I want do do… hmmm….